Standard Cabasa

Model: HPCS3500
UPC: 659814144839
Contoured wood handle reduces hand fatigue for long-lasting playing comfort
Loud, full sound shines through the mix on stage or in the studio
Sizzling, musical tone suits a wide range of music genres and styles
Textured steel cylinder wrapped with steel-bead loops for a variety of percussive sounds
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With a loud, full sound that shines through the mix whether used for live performance or studio recording, the sizzling, musical character of our HPCS3500 Cabasa complements a wide range of music genres and styles. To put the player in control, numerous percussive effects can be achieved simply by changing the technique of rotation or shaking. The contoured handle fends off hand fatigue for long-lasting playing comfort. Durable wood and steel construction ensures dependable performance and consistently great sound.

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