Synth Rack

Model: SR5
UPC: 659814149896
Cables and wires can be easily managed for a clean and practical layout.
Keeps your mini synthesizers, pedals, and MIDI controllers safely organized and ready to play.
Makes it easy to carry your synth rig and includes a bag for safe transportation.
Mounts 2U of your shallow rack equipment, such as power supplies and conditioners.
You can adjust the angle of your gear for comfortable viewing, playing, and knob tweaking.
Your devices can be attached to the rack with the included hook-and-loop strips.
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Keep your mini synthesizers, effect pedals, and MIDI controllers safely organized and ready to play with the portable SR5 Synth Rack. This multipurpose rack is a desktop keyboard stand, pedalboard, and mini rack combined in one convenient package. With three tiers of support, there's plenty of space for mini synths, guitar stompboxes, drum machines, and small mixers. The top two shelves are 7" wide and accommodate a wide range of devices. They also feature independent angle adjustment so you can dial in a comfortable position for viewing, playing, and knob tweaking. Your angle settings are firmly locked in with tightening knobs. Two rack spaces in the rear let you use standard rack screws to attach 2U of shallow rack-mount audio gear such as power conditioners, power supplies, amplifiers, and effects. There's also room for other types of power supplies. Vents and ports in the shelves and rack frame make it easy to route your wires and cables for a clean and practical layout while also promoting airflow to prevent overheating of your equipment. Hook-and-loop strips are included for securing your devices to the shelves, a popular attachment method that enables ease of rearrangement if you decide to make changes to your setup. The rack is constructed of steel for strength and stability to ensure reliable support for your equipment. Durably finished in classic black, the rack looks great, resists chips and scratches, and blends into your livestream, stage, or studio setup to add to a professional presentation. For performing, touring, and recording keyboardists, effect-pedal enthusiasts, and streamers, this rack includes a sturdy carry bag with a zipper closure and handle, making it easy to take your setup with you wherever you're going. The bag is also great for keeping your equipment dust free and out of harm's way during storage.

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