Tablet/Smartphone Holder

Model: TCM1500
UPC: 659814135349
180° tilt and 360° rotation for precise, comfortable tablet positioning
Grip adjusts in height and width to fit a wide range of tablets
Heavy-duty, padded grip for reliable, protective device support
Second device grip adjusts to fit a variety of external batteries and phones
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Our TCM1500 Tablet/Smartphone Holder mounts to a mic stand or desktop and securely holds a tablets while simultaneously holding a smartphone or battery. Both holders adjust to fit tablets and phones of various sizes. Padding on the holders prevents slipping and protects your device from scratches. The versatile mount can screw directly onto the threaded end of a mic stand or boom, or it can use the included clamp to attach to shafts or desktops. A wide range of tilt and rotation facilitates positioning for ergonomic tablet viewing and operation.

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