u-mount® Desk Flange Mount

Model: UM5006
UPC: 659814104857
Compact footprint conserves space on walls and workstations
Metal flange with 5/8"-27 threading securely supports a u-mount tablet case
Mounts 5/8"-27 male-threaded accessories, including TCM-series tablet-mounting kits
Shock pad reduces vibrations to help maintain pure tablet-speaker sound
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Enjoy hands-free access to your tablet with our UM5006 u-mount Desk Flange Mount that establishes a secure foundation for any u-mount tablet case. Install this base where you frequently use your tablet to enable repeated efficient mounting and removal of a u-mount tablet holder. The UM5006 is directly compatible with our TCM-series tablet-mounting kits. Alternatively, use our UM99 adapter to accommodate standard mic accessories. Four screws are included for mounting the unit to wood.

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