u-mount® Mic Stand Guitar Hanger

Model: GS7800
UPC: 659814104390
Clamps to shafts up to 0.75" in diameter for compatibility with a wide range of stands
Padding on the contact points protects the guitar from scratches
Turns a mic stand into a mic-and-guitar stand to conserve floor space
Yoke rotates so instruments with symmetric or offset headstocks hang straight down
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A mic stand can pull double duty as a guitar stand with our GS7800 u-mount Shaft Guitar Hanger. This hanger clamps to a mic stand shaft and holds a guitar by the headstock, conserving space by eliminating the need for a floor stand. The swiveling yoke enables instruments with symmetric or offset headstocks to hang straight. The lower bumper and padding on the yoke protect the guitar's finish and increase grip to keep the instrument safely in place.

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