Baritone Saxophone Stand

Model: SXS7501B
UPC: 659814770403
Locking knobs firmly hold height adjustments
Lower yoke adjusts to ensure that the instrument is properly cradled and balanced
Padding on the yokes protects the instrument finish from scratches and dents
Yokes adjust in height to fit the size of the supported baritone sax
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Safely store a baritone sax within easy reach with our SXS7501B Baritone Saxophone Stand. Two yokes securely hold a sax upright so it doesn't lie on its keys or other delicate parts. The tilt-back angle of the yoke shaft provides weight balance that prevents tipping or falling. Rubber padding at all contact points increases grip while protecting the sax's finish and nonslip feet inhibit unwanted movement of the base. For convenient storage and transportation, the base folds down and detaches from the yoke shaft.

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