Clamp-On Sheet Music Bookplate for Mic Stands

Model: SMC1500
UPC: 659814149247
Adjusts to your preferred viewing angle.
Clips your music in place to keep it from falling or blowing away.
Holds and displays your sheet music, iPad, or iPhones during rehearsals and performances.
Securely clamps to your mic stand to save floor space.
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Your mic stand can pull double duty as a music stand with the SMC1500 Clamp-On Sheet Music Bookplate for Mic Stands. This space-saving attachment clamps to a mic stand and provides a bookplate that holds sheet music, chord charts, lyrics, books, tablets, smartphones, eReaders, and clamp-on lights-no need to set up an additional music stand on the floor. With its 1.5-inch-deep lip, the 18-inch-wide bookplate has plenty of space to accommodate an open book or two loose pages side by side. You can adjust the height to a comfortable level for use while sitting or standing by clamping the mounting arm higher or lower on the mic stand. The ball joint at the end of the support arm enables you to tilt the bookplate up and down while the attachment clamp lets you swivel the bookplate left and right to set your preferred viewing angle. Your settings lock in place with a tightening knob on the clamp and ball joint to ensure dependable support of books and electronic devices. Two built-in page-stabilizing rods can be used to hold books open and keep pages from drooping, falling, or blowing away on a breezy day. You can set the angle of the clips to keep them from blocking notation or text. Lightweight and solidly constructed, this accessory quickly folds down for ease of load in, setup, teardown, and load out while also enabling compact storage and efficient transportation. The durable black finish blends into your livestream, stage, or studio setup for a professional presentation and resists chips and scratches to stay looking new.

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