Detachable Sheet Music Stand with Bag

Model: SM7022BB
UPC: 659814797615
Products Variants:
Affordable music stand that delivers reliable performance and convenient portability
Bookplate angle adjusts for clear, easy viewing
Displays three sheets side by side to reduce page turns
Includes a protective carry bag with a strap for comfortable transportation
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Our SM7022BB Detachable Sheet Music Stand with Bag delivers stable performance in a portable package. The adjustable height and tilt angle enable positioning for ergonomic viewing from a sitting or standing position. To reduce page turns, it displays three pages of sheet music side by side and secures them in place with fold-out arms. The bookplate and base detach from each other and both pieces fold flat for efficient storage and transportation. A protective bag with a hook-and-loop closure and a shoulder strap is included for hands-free carrying.

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