Hardshell Single-Cutaway Electric Guitar Case

Model: GCLP7000
UPC: 659814595785
Molded interior provides proper support for the body and neck with an arched top for reinforced strength
Plush interior lining provides a soft cushion that safeguards the guitar's finish
Rigid wood case and weather-resistant PVC leather protects a guitar from damage and moisture
Sturdy hardshell case delivers secure, stable protection for a single-cutaway solid-body electric guitar

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Enjoy dependable protection, storage, and transportation for a single-cutaway solid-body electric guitar with our GCLP7000 Hardshell Single-Cutaway Electric Guitar Case. Along with a weather-resistant skin that defends against the elements, the case features a rigid structure that stabilizes and supports the guitar body and neck. The soft plush interior lining safeguards the instrument finish. An accessories compartment provides convenient access to supplies and tools. Sturdy metal latches ensure that the lid stays closed and, to prevent tampering, one latch includes a built-in lock. The centered top handle enables balanced, comfortable carrying.

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