Heavy Duty Drum Throne

Model: MDT4
UPC: 659814149551
Adjusts to your exact height preference using a swivel adjustment.
Delivers stable drum-kit seating you can rely on with its double braced legs.
Provides you with long-lasting playing comfort with its saddle top style.
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Keep comfortable while keeping the beat with the MDT4 Heavy-Duty Drum Throne. Springy yet firm, the cushioned seat absorbs pressure on your body and evenly distributes your weight to minimize fatigue while you play. Its saddle-style contour leaves extra space in front of the throne, enabling a wide range of motion for your legs, making it easier to operate foot pedals. And a raised ridge around the back and sides helps you stay centered and maintain proper posture during live performances, recording sessions, and practices. The height adjusts according to your playing preferences, ensuring your optimal combination of pedal control and stick reach on a wide range of drum kits. With its swivel-type adjustment mechanism, there are no preset height settings, allowing you to precisely dial in your ideal playing position. Your settings lock in place with a tightening knob for consistent performance and ease of setup. The rugged metal base features three braced legs delivering outstanding strength and weight support. Rubber feet with treads and shock absorption prevent drifting and sliding to keep the throne right where you want it. And its 18.9-inch footprint forms a solid foundation, giving you reliable balance and stability. Finished in chrome on the base and black leatherette on the seat, this throne blends into your live stream, stage, or studio drum setup for a professional presentation. The seat is removable and the tripod base quickly folds down for ease of load in, setup, teardown, and load out while also enabling compact storage and efficient transportation.

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