New Hot Wires Cables with Neutrik Connectors



The New HotWires Pro Cables! Our Neutrik-equiped models give your customers the whisper-quiet performance they expect in the studio and the road-proof durability they expect on stage. The full line features premium components and production-quality performance characteristics.


The new HotWires Pro IC Series Instrument Cables get every last bit of tone from instrument to amplifier or direct box. Their genuine Neutrik connectors feature a one-piece machined contact and unique chuck-type strain relief that handles the toughest abuse. The conductor itself is comprised of heavy 20awg high-strand count 99.99% copper wire, and is protected by a thick, highly flexible PVC jacket. Tinned copper braided shielding provides a minimum of 98% coverage at any angle and remains flexible and intact over years of winding.


The new MC Series Microphone Cables utilize 22awg 99.99% copper wire twisted-pair conductors. Resilient 98% braided shielding rejects RF and EM interference for a low noise floor even over very long runs. Superior Neutrik connectors offer superb strain relief, and additional ground contacts ensure safe cable/chassis grounding, essential for customers using phantom power. A Super-Flex outer jacket combines durability and flexibility, lying flat yet coiling easily.


Both series of HotWires Pro cables ship with the award-winning, eye-catching packaging that the company is known for and include hook & loop cable ties as an added feature for your customers.




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