On-Stage Gear Now shipping New True-Bypass Pedal Tuner

Adding to its line of real gear for working musicians, On-Stage Gear is proud to announce its new True-Bypass Pedal Tuner. Designed to be absolutely transparent in bypass mode, this new Pedal Tuner will not alter tone nor gain structure in any way, allowing its use in the most refined and tweaked guitar rigs. It is the ideal tuner for use with high-end guitar amplifiers.



The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner offers the option of muting output while tuning and passing an unaltered signal while not in use, eliminating the need to put amplifiers in standby mode. It can also be used in a live mode which passes audio while tuning. The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner is fully chromatic and can be calibrated from 436 Hz to 444 Hz via a bright, easy-to-read LED display and fine-tuning meter.



The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner also features a unique Flat mode that acts as a transpose function, allowing up to seven downward half-steps. For example, when set to two half-steps in Flat mode, the display will show an E when the true pitch is a D. This is a handy tool for players who prefer to think in terms of standard tuning even when playing in lower keys. 

Constructed of a two-piece diecast aluminum body and utilizing professional all-steel input and output jacks, the True-Bypass Pedal Tuner is built for the rigors of the road. Strategically placed rubber strips prevent slippage on stage floors and a protected 9V battery compartment ensures trouble-free performance. The True-Bypass Pedal Tuner can also be powered via an optional DC power supply.






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