New On-Stage Gear GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit Offers Players Everything They Need to Keep Instruments Sparkling

On-Stage Gear introduces its new GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit. The kit includes everything players need to gently clean and polish their guitar. The GK7000 is a natural add-on to any guitar sale and is a perfect accessory for customers looking to purchase gifts for their musician friends and family members.

The GK7000 consists of two soft microfiber cleaning cloths, one 4oz bottle of eco-friendly guitar polish, a standard peg winder, and three celluloid picks (thin, medium, and heavy). A dry microfiber cloth can be used to wipe down the guitar after each use to remove fingerprints. The second cloth can be used periodically with the non-toxic, inert polish to keep the instrument looking like it just came out of the showroom. Both polishing cloths are machine washable. Made with natural orange oil, the specially-formulated polish is safe for use on any wood instrument, electric or acoustic, including guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins, quartos and more. Musicians will be left with a deluxe streak-free, residue-free shine on their instrument. The included peg winder dramatically reduces the time it takes to restring a guitar, and the three pick weights suit different playing styles and preferences.

The GK7000 Universal Guitar Care Kit is a must have accessory for any music retailer, offering the high turn-around, high profit potential On-Stage Gear is known for. Call your On-Stage Stands representative and stock your shelves today. List: $16.99  MAP: $9.99. Ships to dealers this May.

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