Tune Almost Any Instrument With the New CTA7700 Clip-On Chromatic Tuner From On-Stage Gear

On-Stage Gear announces the release of its new CTA7700 Clip-On Tuner. The CTA7700 joins the lineup of On-Stage Gear tuners including the GTA7600 Chromatic Tuner and the True Bypass Pedal Tuner. Compatible with almost any instrument, the CTA7700 is a must-stock item for any instrument shop.


The CTA7700 features a tactile transducer that can be clipped onto most instruments including electric/acoustic guitars, basses, horns, and woodwinds. Any pitched instrument that vibrates can be tuned with the CTA7700. The CTA7700 also features a microphone, allowing it to tune instruments without making direct contact.


The CTA7700’s large blue LCD screen is easy to read and allows for simple navigation through its four operating modes: Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, and Violin. Intuitive controls access advanced features like a Chromatic Pitch Pipe, Flat Tuning Mode, and Calibration.


With great On-Stage Gear pricing and service, and its ability to be an add-on to almost any instrument sale, the CTA7700 offers retailers excellent profit potential and is sure to be a bestseller. List: $34.99 MAP: $19.99. Available this May.


Visit www.onstagestands.com for more information on the new CTA7700 and all other On-Stage Gear products.







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