New On-Stage Stands Guitar Cases In-Stock and Ready for the Road

On-Stage Stands, the leader in instrument accessories for working musicians, is now shipping three new electric guitar cases: The GCE6000S snakeskin case joins the existing 6000 series, while the GCLP7000 and GCSG7000 are the first offerings from the brand new 7000 series. Each model is built to handle the road and designed to store and transport the most popular body styles. These new cases offer pro-level protection at an affordable price and are a perfect addition to any guitar sale.

The GCE6000S is a rectangular case with a new brown faux snakeskin exterior. It joins the other models in the 6000 Series: the GCE6000B (Black), GCE6000T (Tweed), and GCB6000B (Bass Guitar). The GCE6000S is constructed of durable plywood and vinyl, and features solid brass hardware. Tough piping reinforces all edges and brass feet provide stability. The plush-lined universal interior is especially suited for flat top guitars like Stratocatsters™ and similar body styles.  A large interior compartment provides storage for strings, picks, straps, whammy bars, music, and more. The overall dimensions of the GCE6000S are 42.5” x 14.5” x 4.125”.  List: $168.99  MAP: $99.99

The brand new 7000 series includes the GCLP7000 and the GCSG7000. The GCLP7000 is contoured for arch-top electrics like the Les Paul™. It is constructed of plywood, covered with black leather-patterned PVC, and features chrome-plated hardware. Its plush-lined interior is molded for a snug fit and provides full neck support. An interior compartment allows for storage of small accessories.  List: $184.99  MAP $109.99

The GCSG7000 is sized for SG™-style guitars. Like the GCLP7000, it features durable plywood construction, a plush molded interior, chrome-plated hardware, and an interior accessory compartment. A snug fit and full neck support provide excellent protection for the instrument.  List $199.99  MAP $119.99

These three new cases provide protection and add-on sales potential for the majority of guitar body styles. Each model offers the high-turn, high-margin pricing On-Stage Stands is known for, and they are in-stock and ready to go. Call today and be sure to have these cases available for every guitar in your shop.

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