On-Stage Stands Introduces new PROFESSIONAL SERIES microphone stand line.

On-Stage Stands, maker of world-class gear for working musicians everywhere, announced three new additions to its line of microphone stands – the new and improved MS9700, MS9701 and MS9701TB. The MS9700 Professional Series offer an affordable solution to critical studio or live applications, a genuine achievement in the microphone stand market.  The road-worthy series far surpasses its predecessor in strength, innovation and durability.


The MS9700 Professional Series is constructed from pro-grade steel tubing offering enough weight to impress even the most serious-minded musicians.  In fact, the MS9700 is made from 6 lbs. of steel, the MS9701 offers up 8 lbs of steel, and the MS9701TB weighs in at a formidable 9lbs. But there is more than just sheer weight that makes these stands a remarkable value.  


For starters, each stand combines 1.5mm gauge and 2mm gauge tubing throughout their construction.  All stands are manufactured with a 5/8” solid steel threaded end and come equipped with an oversized locking washer.


The mid-point clutch has been engineered with die-cast aluminum parts resulting in precise, smooth height adjustments. Inside the mid-point clutch, there are two internal parts that prevent the upper shaft from falling when the mid-point clutch is loose. First, a high-impact plastic sleeve has been thickened, lengthened and partitioned to grip the shaft more securely. Second, a rubber O-ring has been added just for the MS9700-series for a tighter fit. What does this mean to professional musicians? Less turning is needed to adjust and lock the height and overall the height adjustment feels more precise and tight, like a well-engineered imported sports car.


The base assembly is made from die-cast steel for years of road abuse and features adjustable bolted legs. A patent-pending anti-rotation tab inside the base assembly eliminates shaft rotation when the user turns the clutch to adjust the height, making one-handed operation possible. All steel tubing and other metal parts are treated with a rust-proof acid bath and covered with our signature satin black powder-coat finish. All stands in the series are height adjustable from 36” to 64” and feature thicker “shock-resistant” non-slip rubber feet.


The MS9701 adds a 30” boom arm, while the MS9701TB comes with a telescoping boom adjusting from 19 to 30 inches in length for precise microphone placement in any application. Both booms are removable, constructed from solid steel and are equipped with a heavy steel counterweight. The indestructible boom clutch housing on each of these models is made from solid-steel with a zinc die-cast base and the best rubber washers available for non-slip use.  The booms can be adjusted with an elongated and ergonomic cats-eye knob which allows more pressure to be applied for a firm lock in the desired boom angle.


The applications for the MS9700-series are endless. They are a perfect choice for vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, cymbals, amplifiers and more.


“The new MS9700-series embodies our collaborative efforts to make a stand worthy of the professional market. Dealers need to give the new series a test drive because we think it will be a big seller” says Jim Hennessey, President and founder of The Music People, Inc.  Hennessey also personally oversees research & development for the company.


Each stand in the series is packaged in an attractive full color POP box acting as a silent salesman for the retail storefront market. A POP hang tag can be found in the master carton. The MS9700 lists for $62.99, the list price on the MS9701 is $81.99 and the MS9701TB carries a list price of $84.99. The new stands will begin shipping in March, 2011.  

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