On-Stage Stands Debuts its First-Ever Column Keyboard Stand



On-Stage Stands has long been an industry leader in X-style, Z-style and platform keyboard stands. The classic KS7190 is among the best selling X-style stands in the industry, while the heavy-duty KS7350 Z-style is known as one of the strongest stands on the market. Now On-Stage Stands has developed its first column-style keyboard stand, the KS9102 Quantum Core.


The KS9102 Quantum Core is a pro level two tier stand with integrated cable management system and fold-away captive support arms. Built around a rigid extruded aluminum core, the KS9102 is an extremely stable platform, capable of supporting 125lbs per tier; that’s 250lbs total! Its four arms and three legs provide a broad foundation for instruments, yet fold neatly within the core for transportation. They are completely captive with no loose parts to lose. Whether deployed for performance or folded for transport, they stay attached.


Each of the Quantum Core’s two tiers is independently height adjustable. Overall tilt of the stand can be adjusted via a forth peg-leg to provide just the right playing angle. Strategically positioned cable clips accommodate instrument and power cables, resulting in a clean, organized presentation on stage. What’s more, the central column features a combination 3/8” and 5/8” threaded adapter at its apex, fully compatible with any gooseneck or boom arm, eliminating the need for a microphone boom stand and allowing the cleanest possible keyboard setup.


The KS9102 Quantum Core is the new standard for professional performance, portability, ease of use, and affordability. The stand is slated to ship to dealers in April.  It will list for $299 and carries a MAP price of $189.95.


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