On-Stage Stands Bolsters Professional Presence with Strong Endorsement Program

Before launching On-Stage Stands, president and founder Jim Hennessey headed up artist relations for a popular guitar manufacturer. He hobnobbed with many of the great 70’s acts and learned that building a personal relationship was the key to not only getting artists to use your products, but to getting detailed feedback regarding those products. With that key in mind, On-Stage Stands has announced an expansion of its On-Stage Artists program.

On-Stage Artists include recording and touring musicians who use On-Stage Stands products as part of their regular setups. Current On-Stage Artists hale from all across the spectrum and include performers like Day Above Ground, Waylon Hicks, and Australian Pink Floyd. Previously, these artist endorsements essentially consisted of photos and write-ups on the company website. The new push is to stimulate a conversation between the company and its artists, both internally and on social media where consumers can join in.

The On-Stage Artist Program is spearheaded by Rod Washburn. “I work with the artists, establishing a good, comfortable relationship and asking for constant feedback,” explains Washburn. “We want to expand our visibility by growing social network websites, maintaining blogs, contributing to forums, and positively representing the face of On-Stage Stands. This is more effective when we are linked directly with our artists and their communities.” By featuring artists on the company’s YouTube channel, for example, the company can draw the attention of their communities. “This draws fans that now see the On-Stage Stands brand with their favorite band,” continues Washburn. “It’s an ever-growing family of artists, fans, and customers, all seeing us in a different light… Not just an affordable line of products, but a brand that rightfully claims its name ‘On-Stage,’ up there next to the pros.”

This new artist relations effort corresponds with the release of several new pro-level product series from On-Stage Stands and its sister brands. With new products, new marketing efforts, and expanded professional exposure, On-Stage Stands is poised to continue strong and steady growth. For more information regarding On-Stage Artists, visit www.onstagestands.com. Better yet, if you plan on attending Winter NAMM, stop by Booth #5940 and meet the artists in person!


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