On-Stage Stands introduces the MS7201QTR Round-Base Quarter Turn

On-Stage-Stands, the leader in innovative accessories for the working musician, is proud to introduce the new MS7201QTR Quarter-Turn Round Base Microphone Stand. Adopting the same technology found on the MS7625B and the MS7625PG, the MS7201QTR was designed to aid in set-up and tear down, a decidedly tasking feat.

The round base stand has been an industry favorite for decades, and has remained virtually unchanged since it was first designed. Weighted bases are preferred over tripods because of their stability and small footprint, yet folding tripods are a more common sight in portable systems because they setup faster than their threaded counterparts. The introduction of On-Stage Stands MS7625B Hex-Base Quarter-Turn stand offered musicians their first chance to combine the setup ease of a tripod with all the advantages of a weighted base, but we heard the clamor for a round-base version.  On-Stage Stands therefore designed the MS7201QTR.

The MS7201QTR has the look and functionality of the classic round base microphone stand with the instant threadless quarter-turn end. The threadless end mates with a unique J-slot in the familiar round base of the MS7201QTR. In one swift motion, the user only needs to push down and rotate the shaft ¼-turn clockwise to lock, or push down and rotate ¼-turn counter-clockwise to remove. With the MS7201QTR, stripped threading is a thing of the past. What's more, the sheer convenience of the design means users who prefer weighted stands, yet opt for tripods to save setup/tear down time, can now setup a quality weighted base stands instantly.

The 10” round base is constructed from sand-cast steel for strength. Six rubber feet on the underside of the base keep the stand stable. A die-cast steel mid-point clutch effortlessly allows height adjustments from 34” to 60”. The entire stand sports a scratch-resistant finish and is built to last gig after gig.

The MS7201QTR is priced at $49.99 (List), 29.95 (MAP), and it is slated to ship to dealers in March 2013. 

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