TMP Celebrates Yamaha's 125th Year, On-Stage Stands KS7365-EJ Takes the Stage with Elton John


The Music People congratulates Yamaha for 125 years in business.  It takes a special company to reach that mark and a special event to celebrate it. We were proud to join in the festivities!

 Elton John Ticket

The Music People has over 30 years of MI history itself, so it’s no surprise the pros look to us for their instrument stand needs. A case in point is our KS7365-EJ double tier keyboard stand. Developed in close collaboration with Sir Elton John’s equipment tech, Tony Smith, the KS7365 meets the need for a tour-worthy stand that’s portable, heavy-duty, and fully adjustable. Smith’s requirement was a stand that could work in pairs set at 90 degrees, so that’s what we developed. With generous height and width adjustability, three horizontal support bars, plus an angle-adjustable 2nd tier, a pair of KS7365-EJs allows access to 4 keyboards on whatever plane the player likes, no matter what the combination of instrument make/model. On top of all that, the KS7365-EJ folds down to the smallest possible form to fit in truck-packs or in the back seat, whichever is your reality. It’s just what Tony Smith was looking for and another example of professional made accessible by On-Stage Stands. Check out the KS7365-EJ here:



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