DrumFire Ships New Percussion Mount in June


DrumFire is now shipping the new DA-26P Percussion Mount with Spline. Unveiled at this past Winter NAMM, the DA-26P is a unique, original product that joins the expanded offerings to drummers under the DrumFire name, including drum thrones, drum sets and accessories. 

Born from the elliptical enveloping clamp design first found on the u-mount Tablet Mounting System (itself a Best-in-Show winner), the DA-26P Percussion Mount is a natural adaptation of this versatile system. The clean design mounts to any round hardware tubing from 16mm – 25mm without the need for clumsy bolts and catches. A single oversized thumbscrew secures the mount in seconds. Once clamped, the internal spline allows for 360 degrees of pull-and-turn rotation in 26 locking increments.  It is the fast, easy way to mount and position cowbells, electric drum pads, music lyres, tambourines, FX cymbals, and more.

Constructed of chrome plated steel, the DA-26P seamlessly complements standard drum hardware, matching existing cymbal, high hat, and tom stands. The included knurled steel rod can be used for mounting cowbells, tambourines, etc., or it can be removed to allow small boom arms to be positioned freely around the kit. The DA-26P also fits handily on mic stands, music stands, and other common stage gear, making it a great accessory mount for singers, guitar players, keyboardists… the whole band!

Priced at $58.99 (List) and $35.95 (MAP), the DA-26P is DrumFires’s first offering in the drum hardware market and it promises to be a hot seller.

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