On-Stage Stands Now Shipping NEW MS7325 Stackable Mic Stand



On-Stage Stands adds to its growing offering of microphone stands with the new MS7325 Stackable Round Base Mic Stand. First introduced at Winter NAMM, the MS7325 will ship to dealers this July.

The funny thing about round base stands, compared to tripods, is that they take up less room on stage, but more room in the truck, the closet, and anywhere else you are not actually using them. The MS7325 solves that problem,” says a company spokesperson.


The carefully shaped notched base allows five MS7325 stands to be stacked for storage and/or transport. The base is made of die-cast steel and features five rubber feet that isolate it from rumble and prevent wobbling. The stand is also equipped with a clip-on cable holder, a durable polymer height adjustment clutch and industry-standard 5/8”-27 threaded end to fit most microphone clips.


Strong and durable like a round base, lightweight and space-saving like a tripod, the MS7325 is perfect for tight spaces on stage and in recording studios, classrooms, churches, or even the trunk of a car.


Other product specifications include 33”-60” height adjustment and a 10” base weighing at 7lbs. Always affordable, the stand lists at $49.99, with a MAP of $29.95.


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