TC Electronic Introduces Polytune 2

The original PolyTune revolutionized tuning. And, the world’s first polyphonic tuner struck a chord with guitarists. But we don’t wanna dwell on the past – it’s all about moving forward and we’re stoked to present PolyTune 2. It’s got everything that made the original PolyTune such a smash hit, plus some essential new features and we believe it’s the evolution of a revolution!

PolyTune 2 at a Glance

  • PolyTune® Technology – Tune All Strings Simultaneously
  • Retina-scorching Bright Display
  • Ultra-precise Chromatic Strobe Tuner

Evolution Of A Revolution

The original PolyTune turned the tuning game upside down, and if you've watched Tore's vid above, you'll know exactly why this will be your next purchase, guitarists and bassists alike!


But, why not let rock royalty Scott Ian tell you why you need PolyTune 2?


And, if you want to find out more about exactly why PolyTune 2 rocks - check out the site by clicking the button below. Beware: not buying it will be virtually impossible after you've seen just how cool it is!

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