On-Stage adds new Snap-On Cover Tablet Mounting Systems to its u-mount line

Hot on the heels of its Best in Show TCM9150 Tablet Mounting System with folio case, On-Stage has unveiled six new products to its u-mount line at Winter NAMM 2014. Each of these models utilizes a tough protective Snap-On back cover to secure the tablet to a choice of mounting systems.

The u-mount line was conceived to give musicians, moms, teachers, artists, engineers, retailers, and everyone else a versatile way to mount their tablet computers to everyday and not-so-everyday objects. It is a simple and affordable way to incorporate thousands of helpful apps into the workplace, workshop, airplane, library, classroom, dorm, or wherever else daily life leads.

The Post and Bar design means versatility. With both the original mounting post design and the quick disconnect variations, releasing the cover from the mounting bar is fast and easy, and securing it back in the mount is just as simple. It is the best solution for remote audio mixing, on-the-go entertainment, video conferencing, electronic coupons, exercise diversion, and countless other scenarios.

Likewise, these new u-mount models add a degree of protection and enhanced grip. The full-size Snap-On™ back covers are a tough combination of aluminum and high-strength velvet-textured plastic. The aluminum portions of the covers are available in purple, black, gun metal, or mauve. The mini models feature the same textured high-strength plastic throughout. Precision cut-outs provide access to all the tablet’s buttons and keep the microphone, cameras, speaker, headphone jack, and data/charging port 100% functional.

The original mounting bar system is identical to the proven design found in the TCM9150. The brand new pull-and-release models feature a quick disconnect at the ball joint to make removing the cover from the mounting system a breeze. These quick disconnect models are available with an elliptical u-mount clamp for gripping mic stands and other round surfaces, or a flat u-mount clamp for hold flat surfaces such as table edges.

TCM9160 Snap-On Case for iPad® 3&4, Original Mounting Post System

TCM9260 Snap-On Case for iPad® Mini, Original Mounting Post System

TCM9161 Snap-On Case for iPad® 3&4 with Quick Disconnect, Round Surface Mount

TCM9261 Snap-On Case for iPad® Mini with Quick Disconnect System, Round Surface Mount

TCM9163 Snap-On Case for iPad® 3&4 with Quick Disconnect, Flat Surface Mount

TCM9263 Snap-On Case for iPad® Mini with Quick Disconnect System, Flat Surface Mount

Be sure to stop by booth #5940, Hall B, to see the new u-mount line along with all the other new-for-2014 products from On-Stage Stands.



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