On-Stage Stands to ship the LS7720QIK Lighting Stand Featuring the u-Mount Clamp System

On-Stage Stands is pleased to announce that our new LS7720QIK will be in stock and ready to ship to dealers this December. The LS7720QIK is the first lighting stand to utilize the u-mount mounting system. With its patented elliptical enveloping clamp, the u-mount system is the fastest, most secure way to erect and dismantle lightweight portable lighting arrays.

Based on the company’s well-regarded lighting stands, the LS7720QIK takes their proven T-bar design and adds a pair of brace-less, virtually instant-mount side bars. Thanks to their u-mount inspired clamp design, these side bars can be moved freely up, down, and around the stand. Without obstructive bracing, more fixtures can be mounted in limitless configurations. The LS7720QIK offers bands, dj’s, and lighting designers a level of creative freedom not previously possible in lightweight portable lighting stands.

In addition to the creative possibilities, the LS7720QIK drastically reduces set up and tear down times. Because the side bars are freely attachable and removable, and because there are no braces to set, fixtures can remain clamped during transport. One bar can be loaded with wash lighting, for example, while another holds spots, yet another (sold separately) can hang FX lights. An entire modular light show can be set up in minutes!

Unlike o-clamps, the versatile u-mount clamp securely fastens on to each side arm support bar in the LS7720QIK system and is compatible with 1 - 1/2” and 1 - 3/8” tubing. The clamp’s elliptical design ensures round-to-round contact, spreading force evenly around the stands primary pole. No flat-to-round contact means no concentrated pressure points that can cause dents and slips. With a 1.5” diameter, aluminum construction, and thick 4mm walls, the unique side arm support bars of the LS7720QIK are up to the task of supporting any modern LED fixture as well as conventional par cans.

The LS7720QIK itself is built on the proven tripod design of other On-Stage Stands models like the popular LS7720BLT and the super-sized LS-SS7770. An aluminum base and trunk keep the LS7720QIK lightweight, while a steel upper shaft provides an especially strong rigid mast for the included t-bar and u-mount side-bars. The 3-section stand reaches up to 10’ in height and boasts a 110lb capacity.

The new benchmark for portable tripod lighting stands, the LS7720QIK will list for 179.99 and carry a MAP price of $119.95.  Ships to dealers this December. 




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