On-Stage Stands Ships New Classical Capo this March


On-Stage Gear, leading the way in accessory products for performers, is pleased to announce it will ship the new GA300 Classical Guitar Capo this March.  Introduced at the 2014 Winter NAMM show, the GA300 joins the GA100 Guitar Capo and GA200 Uke Capo, allowing musicians to play open strings and chords in whatever key they want. 

Like all On-Stage capo’s, the GA300 features an elongated handle that fits comfortably in the player’s hand. The quick-squeeze trigger design allows players to simply squeeze and remove instantly. Thus, classical guitar players can reposition the capo mid-measure for key changes with no problem at all. This is a convenience simply not possible with thumb or screw style designs. The lightweight and durable GA300 is constructed from zinc alloy and sports a scratch-resistant anodized finish.  Silicone padding offers true string fretting and will not scratch your guitar as it gently applies pressure to nylon strings. 

The GA300 Guitar Capo provides ample coverage for wide-necked classical and Spanish guitars. It features a stage-friendly black finish and is priced at $23.99 (List) or $13.95 (MAP). 




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