On-Stage Stands to introduce new u-mount accessories at Summer NAMM


Following the success of its u-mount Snap-On™ Mounting System, On-Stage® will unveil a score of small accessories to compliment the new line at Summer NAMM. The u-mount line was conceived to give musicians, moms, teachers, artists, engineers, retailers, and everyone else a versatile way to mount tablet computers to everyday and not-so-everyday objects. 


The TCA1066 Accessory Kit allows users to get even more out of their u-mount tablet system. The kit includes a Presentation Grip, two additional Mounting Posts, and a Mounting Post End Cap. The Presentation Grip is a comfortable hard foam sleeve that slides over any u-mount post. It adds comfort and grip when using the Mounting Post as a handle with one hand.  Since the post is mounted in the center of the unit, it improves ergonomics. The Mounting Post End Cap protects the threading and adds a nice finishing touch to the post; it also provides a non-slip contact point when using the post as a slip-free monopod on desktops. Lastly, the two additional mounting posts lets users tailor the u-mount to their exact needs, providing extra length with the 5" UM-42 or a lower profile with the 2-3/4" UM-41. This accessory pack is compatible with the Snap-On cover variants of the Quick Disconnect u-mount Tablet Mounting System. It lists for $19.99 and carries a MAP of $11.95.

The u-mount Snap-On cover series includes model variations that mount to either round surfaces or to flat surfaces. The portable systems in the UM5000 series are an ideal add-on at the time of purchase, expanding the use of core models to just about any surface, round or flat. The UM5003, for example, works directly with the TCM9161, TCM9261 and TCA1066 round mount models, allowing use on flat surfaces. Add the optional UM-99 Male to Male Adapter, and mount mic clips, goosenecks, boom arms, ball joints, and other accessories to any desktop or other flat surface. Likewise, the UM50001 works directly with the TCM9163 or TCM9263 flat surface mounting systems, allowing use on round surfaces such as mic stands and shopping carts. The UM5007 lets the TCM9161, TCM9163, TCM9261 and TCM9261 clamp onto larger round surfaces.  Pricing on all models: UM5003 List $27.99, MAP $16.95; UM-99 List $4.99, MAP $2.95; UM5001 List $27.99, MAP $16.95; UM5007 List $29.99, MAP $17.95. 

For permanent installations, the UM5006 establishes a secure base for your On-Stage u-mount® tablet case. It can be installed in locations that are frequently used, allowing for repeatable mounting of the On-Stage u-mount® system. The UM5006 is directly compatible with the threaded mounting posts of the TCM9161, TCM9261, TCM9163, and TCM9263. It's an ideal choice for churches, schools, offices, stores, workshops, charging stations, or anywhere a stationary tablet mount is desired. Four screws are included for mounting to wood. List $13.99, MAP: $7.95.

Continuing the line of u-mount accessories, the TCA917 Magnetic Cover is the perfect complement to the Snap-On series. It flips back out of the way while in use, but snaps into place to protect your screen when idle or in transport.


Finally, a quick disconnect and threading adapter solve any number of mounting scenarios. The UM97 Pull Back Release sleeve adds quick release functionality to almost any device with standard female 5/8” – 27 threading. The UM-88, in turn, flips any 5/8"-27 threaded stem into a standard 5/8"-27 threaded hole. Use it to thread u-mount covers directly to existing mic stands, podium mounts, boom arms, and other fixtures.

Be sure to stop by booth #324, to see these new u-mount accessories along with all the other new-for-2014 products from On-Stage Stands.


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