The hands-Free solution for the Apple iPad Air!


The most versatile tablet mounting system is now available for the iPad® Air.  Designed with musicians in mind, the u-mount TCM9361 Snap-On cover makes mounting the Air to mic stands, keyboard stands, workstations, drum hardware, and conductor stands easy and flexible. On stage or off stage, inside or outside the studio, u-mount has you covered. The u-mount works just as well on exercise equipment, strollers, shopping carts, and any number of other objects that musicians use in their everyday lives. The TCM9361 will be shipping to dealers in October, 2014.

The Snap-On cover for iPad Air follows the success of the original u-mount Snap-On covers released earlier this year. The u-mount line was conceived to give musicians, moms, teachers, artists, engineers, retailers, and everyone else a versatile way to mount their tablet computers to everyday and not-so-everyday objects. It is a simple and affordable way to incorporate thousands of helpful apps into the workplace, workshop, airplane, library, classroom, dorm, or wherever else daily life leads.

Each TCM9361 ships with one Snap-On cover, one round mounting clamp, a 360-degree ball joint with pull back sleeve, a mounting post, and one Prop-Up for desktops and other flat surfaces. The 360-degree ball joint allows for easy rotation and tilt.

Custom-sized for Apple’s ultra-slim iPad Air tablet, the TCM9361’s Snap-On cover is made with precision fit cut-outs that provide access to all the tablet’s buttons and keep the microphone, cameras, speaker, headphone jack, and data/charging port 100% functional. The cover is constructed from rugged textured high-strength plastic.

The TCM9361 also features a pull-back release sleeve which makes removing the cover from the mounting system a breeze. Securing the cover back in the mount is just as simple. It is the best solution for remote audio mixing, on-the-go entertainment, video conferencing, electronic coupons, exercise diversion, and countless other scenarios. The mounting post also disconnects, making it possible to extend the length of the mounting system using the longer posts available in the optional u-mount accessory kit (sold separately). 

The round mounting clamp grips round tubing 21-30mm in diameter. Alternately, the TCM9361 can be placed on a tabletop at an ideal angle without scratching its surface using the included Prop-Up plug. The Prop-Up plug is a rubber foot that plugs directly into the pull-back release sleeve.

Like all On-Stage u-mount products, the TCM9163 comes complete with colorful retail-ready packaging. The product lists for $69.99, and carries a MAP price of $49.95.

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