MSA8204 and MSA8304 Multi-Function Mounts

On-Stage is pleased to acknowledge the recognition and positive response attending the release of two innovative, space-saving new products, the MSA8204 and MSA8304 u-mount Multi-Function Mounts.


Elegant, attractive solutions for deploying multiple accessories in close quarters, the MSA8204 and MSA8304 clamp discreetly and securely to any 4" - 8" (11mm - 22mm) or .85" - 1.2" (22mm/30mm) mic stand, shaft or column respectively and feature four standard 5/8" - 27 male threaded studs. Once in place, they render the existing stand, additional mic clips, booms, goosenecks, camera mounts, trays and more as one single, efficient and streamlined unit.        


"Musicians -- especially guitarists -- love the MSA8204 not only for its versatility but also for its visual appeal," said On-Stage Specialist Jeremy Payne.  "It puts just about every auxiliary imaginable right there at your fingertips, all in what functions as -- and looks to the audience like -- a custom-designed stand."


For more on the MSA8204 and MSA8304, check out the video on our YouTube channel -



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