Production Station

Model: WS3500
UPC: 659814147526
Clamps to desktops, tabletops, or other worksurfaces up to 4" thick
Holds multiple production accessories on a single stand
Includes 3/8" and 5/8" adapters for mounting a variety of audio/visual equipment
Includes five cable clips for managing wires, cords, and cables
Includes three ball joint adapters for 360 degrees of pan and 90 degrees of tilt
Positionable mounting stems on swiveling arms provide a broad range of gear placement
Two lower arms, one upper arm, and a boom-arm holder for mounting cameras, lights, mics, tablets, a boom arm, and other devices
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Product Properties

  • Individual Arm Length


The WS3500 Production Station enables podcasters, streamers, and performers to create audiovisual content without leaving their workstation. This multi-device holder clamps to a desk or table and supports a production setup on adjustable arms- no need for multiple stands. A variety of mounting options provides space for a mic boom, cameras, lights, tablets, and other accessories. For ease of device placement, the upper arm swivels, the lower arms and boom-arm holder adjust in height and angle, and the mounting stems slide to any point on the arms. Three ball-joint adapters are included to enable precise pan and tilt while the included 3/8" and 5/8" adapters make it possible to attach nearly any device.

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