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French Horn Stand

$19.95 INV#13405
A classic, sturdy, lightweight A-frame for French Horn:
  • Sturdy A-frame design
  • Soft EVA padding on yokes and backrest protect your horn
  • 20 degree tilt back angle and splayed footprint make for a stable foundation
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Heavy-duty 1" x 1" steel tubing
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A classic, sturdy, lightweight A-frame for French Horn. The FHS7201B features heavy-duty 1" x 1" tubing, EVA padding on yoke and backrest, and a "uni-construction" design; which means that there are no parts to lose. The tilt back design, splayed footprint, and rubber feet guarantee stability and protection for your horn.

1.5" thick EVA padding on backrest gives your horn added support and protection.

Non-slip rubber feet keep stand planted and in place.

EVA padded yokes are molded especially for French Horn
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On-Stage Stands
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French Horn Stand
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