Telescoping Mic Boom with Dual Mic Capability

Model: MSA9800
UPC: 659814130573
21.5"–36" telescoping boom rotates, swivels, and slides lengthwise for precise mic placement
Heavy-duty construction provides extra stability for reliable mic support
Removable counterweight reveals a 5/8"-27 threaded end for mounting a second mic
Solid metal tightening knob ensures secure angle adjustments
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  • UPC
  • 659814130573


Conserve floor space with our MSA9800 Telescoping Mic Boom that features a removable counterweight for mounting a second mic to the opposing threaded end, eliminating the need for a second mic stand. Perfect for close miking as well as stereo miking, this versatile boom mounts to mic stands and supports mic clips. Independant vertical rotation, horizontal swivel, and up to 36" of adjustable extension enable a wide range of positions while the counterweight balances mics to facilitate placement in a variety of miking applications.


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