Tune-Up Clip-On Guitar Tuner

Model: GTA6000
UPC: 659814101030
Instrument-mode selection facilitates tuning of guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin
Padding on the clip delivers a slip-free grip and protects the instrument finish
Positionable high-contrast color display provides a clear view from various angles and in low light
Tactile transducer enables use in noisy environments and with unamplified electric guitars
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Our GTA6000 Tune-Up Clip-On Guitar Tuner helps keep any string instrument in tune. Its clip-on transducer picks up vibrations through the body of the instrument, enabling it to work with electric or acoustic instruments without the need for cables or amps, even in noisy environments. The high-contrast backlit screen provides excellent visibility in any type of lighting and it tilts and rotates to facilitate viewing from various angles. The clip is padded for a tight grip that preserves the instrument's finish. Discreet and light-weight, this tuner can remain attached to an instrument during performance or practice for constantly available reference. Its bright red finish makes it easy to find in a case or bag.

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