Ukulele Humidifier

Model: GA250
UPC: 659814130115
Held between the strings to ensure safety and universal fit for all ukuleles
Maintains consistent humidity to preserve the instrument's looks, longevity, and sound
Never touches the instrument body or neck and will not mar the finish
Unobtrusively stays inside the ukulele whether the ukulele is on a stand or in a case
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Changes in humidity can wreak havoc on a ukulele, compromising sonic fidelity, or causing damage to the joints, neck angle, and finish. Thankfully there is a simple remedy for this problem. Suspended conveniently and unobtrusively in a ukulele's soundhole, our GA250 Ukulele Humidifier gradually releases moisture to maintain a consistent humidity level that helps preserve the instrument's looks, longevity, and sound.

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