Professional Flip-It® A-Frame Guitar Stand

Model: GS7465
UPC: 659814710492
A-frame base provides balance and sturdiness for safe, reliable guitar support
Flip-It® yoke automatically closes around the neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand
Stepped lower yoke provides two zones to snugly hold acoustic or electric guitars
Yoke latch flips down and springs up for easy placement and removal of a guitar
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  • UPC
  • 659814710492


Our GS7465 Professional Flip-It® A-Frame Guitar Stand features a yoke with a spring-loaded latch that closes itself around the guitar neck to prevent the guitar from being bumped off the stand. For additional security, the lower yoke is angled back to keep the guitar from tipping forward or falling. The lower yoke is also stepped, forming two sections that can securely hold the depth of an electric, acoustic, or bass guitar. Padding on the yokes protects the guitar finish while a heavy-duty A-frame base provides stability and balance for dependable guitar support. For efficient storage and transportation, the upper yoke shaft detaches and inserts between the base legs.


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